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This new blog along with the STRETCH™ website we will discuss and explain all of the products that we manufacture and sell as well as the why, how and when you should replace a CV Boot, Steering Rack Boot, wiper blades etc…

Over the coming blogs we will be discussing in more detail…


Steering Rack Boots – Rakboot

  • Why should I replace a Steering rack boot?
  • When should I replace a Steering rack boot?
  • How to replace a Steering rack boot?
  • Will STRETCH™ Rakboot™ fit my vehicle?
  • Is it ok to replace a boot and not the steering rack assembly?
  • Will I need to get a wheel alignment done after fitting a STRETCH™ steering rack boot?

Wiper Blades and Flex Blade Refills

  • Why should I replace wiper blades?
  • When should I replace the wiper blade?
  • How to replace wiper refill and Flex Blades
  • What size refill or Flex blade will suit my vehicle.
  • Can I retro fit Flex Blades onto my older vehicle?
  • Cleaning and wiper blade maintenance.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

  • Why should I use disposable gloves when working on a vehicle?
  • Why use STRETCH™ gloves over other brands of gloves?
  • Difference between Nitrile and Latex gloves?
  • Why is Powder Free so important?
  • What is Anti-Sweat Technology?
  • What chemicals do STRETCH™ Gloves resist?
  • Are STRETCH™ Gloves rated for food handling?
  • What standards do STRETCH™ Gloves meet?

Air operated CV Boot installation tool

  • Why should I purchase a STRETCH™ CV Tool?
  • When should I use the STRETCH CV Tool?
  • CV Boot Gun, Dura Gun, Rapid Flexx Gun, STRETCH CV Boot Tool. Are they all the same? We show you the differences and why STRETCH is the #1 choice by thousands of mechanics all over the world!

CV Boot Clamps & CV Boot Clamping Tool

CV Joint Grease

  • What is CV Joint grease?
  • Can I use regular grease in my CV Joint?
  • Cleaning a CV Joint.
  • How to pack new CV joint grease into an old CV Joint.

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