Tripod CV Boots

Replacing Tripod / Trilobal Inner CV Boots with STRETCH CV Boots

We are often asked “can a STRETCH CV Boot be used to replace an Inner CV Boot that is a Tripod or Trilobal design of CV Boot?”
The answer is a big YES if you follow these simple instructions.

Firstly before cutting off or removing any old CV Boot check to see if it is a Tripod boot or not. You can normally do this with a quick visual inspection of the CV Joint. Note: Tripod CV Boots are not used for outer CV Joints so if you are replacing an outer CV Boot, it will not be a Tripod style of boot. If you are replacing an Inner CV Boot, check to see if the CV Joint housing is round, if it is, it will be a regular CV Boot. If the CV Joint housing is not round and has 3 indentations then you know you have a Tripod CV Boot. If you are still not sure, do not fear. Simply follow the instructions below. If the joint is not a tripod joint you will have lost nothing and you will still be able to replace the boot. However if you simply cut the old boot off without knowing what it is, you may go past the point of no return and then need to purchase an expensive OEM or vehicle specific CV Boot that will not be able to be fitted without dismantling the CV Joint.

Tripod / Trilobal CV Boot replacement instructions

STRETCH CV Boots can be used to replace Tripod or Trilobal styles of CV Boots.  To do so, follow these instructions:
  1. Cut around the old CV Boot near the large clamp located on the inner CV Joint. This will leave a ring of rubber boot and the old clamp still on the CV Joint housing. Remove small boot clamp and cut off the bellows part of the CV Boot.
  2. Remove the large clamp and leave the old Tripod ring of rubber in place on the inner CV joint. Do not cut or remove the large rubber ring, you need this! 
  3. Remove excess grease and re-pack with fresh grease, then clamp the new STRETCH CV Boot over the top of the rubber Tripod ring that you have left in place. The old rubber ring is now being used as a sealing ring. Reassemble, now you or your customer should now enjoy many more miles or years of service from the CV Joint!

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