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CV Boot Tool

[vcex_heading visibility=”” font_family=”Exo” tag=”h1″ font_weight=”bold” text_align=”center” link_local_scroll=”” text=”STRETCH™ Air Operated
CV Boot Installer” font_size=”38″ color=”#891f1f” css=”.vc_custom_1435024079581{padding-top: 10px !important;}”]

Fits universal fitting STRETCH™ CV Boots
Suitable for over 95% of all vehicles!
2 Year Warranty

Genuine STRETCH™ CV Boot Tool
Replace CV Boots in minutes
Save up to 70% on labour time
Replace worn cv boots before they split
Leave drive shafts in the vehicle
Suits over 95% of ALL vehicles
Australian Designed & Easy to operate
Made of die cast Aluminium and Steel (Not Plastic!)

report a perished or worn CV boot in the hope you will see the vehicle when it needs a new drive shaft. Get the work now and replace the CV boot. You may never see the vehicle again so do the repair today. You will increase your profits, workshop productivity and at the same time save your customer from more costly repairs in the future. Replacing CV Boots before they fail increases the life of drive shafts, reduces repair costs, increases workshop profitability and reduces unwanted greenhouse emissions.

Perished Worn CV Boot

Free worldwide shipping on all orders over $300.00
No gst payable on orders shipped out of Australia

CV Boot Installation tool
Air operated CV Boot Tool


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