Steering Rack Boot

Steering Rack Boot Maintenance

What are steering rack boots?

Steering rack boots are the rubber boots that cover and  protect the inside of your steering rack. The purpose of the steering rack boot is to keep dirt, water and road contaminants out keeping the inside of your steering rack clean and operating correctly. On top of this steering rack boots allow for the up, down, in and out movement of the steering rack ends each time you go over a bump or turn your steering wheel.

Why replace steering rack boots?

As with CV Boots, steering rack boots also deteriorate over time. It is critical that a worn, split or damaged steering rack boot is replaced before the inside of your steering rack has been contaminated with dirt, water and other foreign materials. Once these contaminants have been introduced the steering rack will start wearing at a very rapid rate.


When should my steering rack boots be replaced?

Steering rack boots should be replaced as soon as any cracks, splits, leaks or tears are noticed by you or your mechanic. Steering rack boots are normally inspected with each service of your vehicle. Your mechanic will spot any worn boots and also recommend replacing them before any serious harm can be done to your steering rack assembly. Replacing steering rack boots at the first sign of wear or damage can prevent the more costly expense of rebuilding or replacing your entire steering rack assembly in the near future.

If your steering rack boot or CV boots are worn, perished, cracked or damaged they should be replaced as soon as possible.

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