Universal fitting STRETCH™ CV Boots
When quality, fit and reliability matter... STRETCH™
2 Year / 40,000km Warranty

Replace CV Boots on the vehicle in minutes
Saves time & increases profits
Saves driveshafts & reduces emissions
Universal fitting one size fits most vehicles

All STRETCH™ CV Joint Boot kits come with 1x CV Joint Grease sachet and 2x Ear type CV Boot Clamps

For best CV Boot clamping results we recommend using a proper clamping tool such as our Ear-Type Clamping Tool. See YouTube video below for clamping example.

STRETCH CV Boots / Axle Boots are suitable for all vehicles including Quad & ATV CV Boots including CFMOTO, Artic Cat, Can-Am, Polaris, Passenger Vehicles, 4WD's and more...

*Always check size guide to be sure your selected boot is suitable for your application.

Genuine STRETCH™ CV Boots

With STRETCH™ CV Boots you can replace CV Joint Boots on the vehicle in minutes. STRETCH™ CV Boots are specifically made for use on the CVT-1000 air operated CV Boot installation tool, but can also be fitted using traditional CV Boot replacement methods. STRETCH™ CV Boots suit over 97% of passenger vehicles, 4×4’s, Trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s/Quad bikes and are guaranteed not to split on any CV Boot tool!
All STRETCH™ CV Boots are supplied with CV Joint grease and a pair of high quality ear-type stainless steel clamps. STRETCH CV Boots are available as a single boot kit or in an economical trade pack for the professional workshop. Click here to see why you should replace your CV Boots.


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CVS-11 CV Boot

CVS-11 Standard CV Boot

Our most popular STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Boot kit.
Typically referred to as our "Standard" size  CV Boot. CVS-11 is suitable for use on over 95% of passenger vehicles as well as many 4x4's, Trucks, SUV's and ATV's/Quad bikes.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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CVS-22 CV Boot

CVS-22 Large CV Boot

Larger size STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Joint Boot kit.
CVS-22 is suitable for vehicles with larger CV Joints as well as many lifted or raised vehicles.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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CVS-33 CV Boot

CVS-33 X-Large CV Boot

Extra Large size STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Joint Boot kit (Wider and Shorter)
A larger diameter than our CVS-22 but not as tall. Suitable for vehicles with extra large size CV joint diameters like 100 series Land Cruisers, some large delivery vans etc.
Click image for boot size dimensions.

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Universal Fitting Split CV Boot CVS18
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Split Boot - Universal Fitting CV Boot Kit

Designed to be fitted without dismantling any part of the suspension or driveshaft.
Made for the DIY mechanic, this boot has a tongue and grove ‘split’ running it’s full length.
Once in position the ‘split’ joint is glued using the special rubber adhesive that is included in the kit, making a strong durable join.

Stretchy - Duraboot Direct Fit DBC100
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Duraboot CV Boot Kit - DBC100

Direct replacement Stretchy CV Boot.
Check size dimensions to suit your requirements.

Micro Stretch Technology™

Micro Stretch Technology™ (MST™) was developed by PTW® after extensive research and development to ensure our rubber formulations are unique and produced to the most exact specifications. STRETCH™ Boots are designed to be stronger and longer lasting than other cv boots available. This is just the beginning, MST™ also incorporates strict manufacturing processes and quality control measures. By using STRETCH™ Boots manufactured with MST™ you are fitting the highest quality and most advanced boots available. Only STRETCH™ Boots provide these quality advantages. To ensure you are getting the most advanced product and exceptional value for money, insist on STRETCH™ Boots with Micro Stretch Technology™

STRETCH™ a better fit...

CV Boot from typical auto parts suppliers. Note how thin the rubber is and the large air gap at the banding point. This gap causes the boot to want to slip off while clamping and is a poor fit. This design also leads to failure caused by CV clamps cutting through the thin wall of cheap rubber. A Genuine STRETCH™ CV Boot with thick walls and better than OE rubber. Note how the CV Boot now fills the clamping point, securing the boot in position while clamping and providing plenty of rubber to allow the clamp to tension correctly without displacing too much rubber or cutting into the boot!
Poor fit vs STRETCH™ fit
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