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STRETCH™ Rakboot steering rack boot

STRETCH™ Rakboot®

Universal fitting steering rack boot
No wheel alignments and no special tools required!

2 Year/40,000km Warranty

Every kit includes the Patented Raksok® Fitting Sleeve
Suits over 95% of passenger vehicles & many 4×4’s
Replace steering rack boots on the vehicle
Universal steering rack boot
No need to remove tie rod ends
No wheel alignment required
No special tools required
Guaranteed not to split
Raksok Patent No. US 8,220,127 B2,   AUS 2004901252AAPEX Rakboot Award

Kit Contents:
2x Rakboots
1x Raksok
4x Boot clamps
2x Breather plugs
1x Instructions

STRETCH Rakboot universal steering rack boot


RB002 – Rakboot Kit – (2x Boots)


1. Cut off old boot from steering rack. If required trim new Rakboot® to length using old steering rack boot as a guide. 2. Fit Raksok® fitting sleeve over complete tie rod end assembly and lubricate Raksok® end with engine oil. 3. Lubricate inside the small end of Rakboot®. Do not use silicone or WD40 type lubricants. Use engine oil. 4. Feed the lubricated Rakboot® over the lubricated Raksok® fitting sleeve. Keep lubricant off the outside of the steering rack boot. 5. With clean oil free hands, grip the Rakboot® in centre with one hand and the small end with other, pull centre of boot while pushing the small end over the tie rod end. 6. Slide the Rakboot® along the tie rod into the correct position. Remove the Raksok® fitting sleeve. 7. Clamp both ends of Rakboot® using supplied clamps, connect or plug breather tube as required. It is recommended that the breather tube be positioned to the top where possible.
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