Split Boot – Universal Fit CV Boot Kit


Universal CV Boot Kit (Split)

Designed to be fitted without the need to dismantle any part of the suspension or driveshaft. The superior flexibility minimalises wear and tear especially when the vehicle is on full lock.
CVS18 fits most cars as well as some 4×4’s and light commercial vehicles.

Can be fitted to trilobal/tripod joints, follow the simple step by step instructions found printed in the box or below.

This boot is aimed more at the DIY mechanic and, as the name suggests, has a tongue and grove ‘split’ running it’s full length.
Once in position the ‘split’ joint is glued using the special rubber adhesive that is included in the kit, making a strong durable join.

Covered by our 2 year ‘No Quibble’ quality guarantee.

Kit Contains:
CV Boot, Grease Sachet, Small and Large Ear Clamps, Glue and Gloves

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