CVS-22 STRETCH CV Boot Kit – (6 Pack)


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CVS-22 Large CV Boot

Large size STRETCH™ Universal fitting CV Boot
Suitable for vehicles with larger CV Joints and many passenger vehicles

Raised Vehicles: Lifted or raised vehicles frequently experience early CV boot failure. This issue typically arises from the constant rubbing together of the CV boot bellows, leading to undue wear and rapid deterioration. Our solution involves a universal fitting design, paired with the highly elastic material used in our CV boots. This innovative approach enables the smaller end of the CV boot to be positioned beyond the usual fitting groove on the shaft, allowing it to be adjusted along the shaft. As a result, the bellows can be appropriately spaced, preventing continuous contact. Such a fitting technique is not achievable with stiff, non-universal fitting CV boots, including those from OEM, aftermarket 4×4 and performance suppliers.

6 Pack contents:
6x CVS-22 Universal fitting CV Boot (Large size)
6x CV Joint grease
6x Large ear-type CV Boot clamp
6x Small ear-type CV Boot clamp

CVS-22 Fits CV joints measuring:
Shaft: ø18-50mm
Joint: ø65-115mm
Length: 90-140mm
Check size dimensions to suit your requirements.