PTW Multi-Fit Flat Wiper Blade – (Single Blade)


PTW™ Flat Wiper Blades

  • PTW™ Flat Blades are universal fitting and suit 98% of vehicles
  • PTW™ Flat Blades can also be used to replace most traditional blades on older vehicles

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Multi-Fit Connector – High Performance,  fits most vehicles and wiper arm types
Using modern Flat Blade technology with incorporated aerodynamic wind foil. These blades are suitable for over 98% of passenger vehicles with no need to mess around with multiple fitting adaptors! One connector does it all! PTW Flat Blades consistently wipe cleanly and the incorporated aerofoil keeps the wiper blade down on the windscreen where it should be, even at high speed, with strong crosswinds and buffeting gusts caused by oncoming traffic and large trucks!
High quality treated natural rubber for clean noise free wiping. Available in lengths from (14″/350mm) to (28″/710mm)

Composite Construction
PTW™ Multi-Fit Flat Blade composite construction incorporates a natural rubber Wiper Edge; UV stabilized synthetic upper rubber body, which encases a high tensile Flat Blade Spring. Add to this our unique and an east to fit Multi-Fit arm connectors and it all comes together to give you smooth, clean and low noise wiping for clearer and safer driving in wet conditions.

Vehicle Specific Blades
Sometimes Multi-Fit just doesn’t fit. For those few occasions we have introduced vehicle specific blades. This enables you to continue using an OEM quality wiper blade without having to pay the  genuine price tag.

Check out our growing list of vehicle specific blades via the selection boxes below.

Flat Blade Spring
The internal Flex Blade spring provides a positive contact wiper action over the full area of the windscreen and ensures that the wiper always conforms to the windscreen curvature.

PTW™ Multi-Fit Flat Blades can be fitted on vehicles with traditional wiper blades with the conventional U-hook type of  wiper arm. There are no special tools or adaptors required to do so. Simply measure the length of your existing blade and order a PTW™ Multi-Fit Flat Blade to suit. It’s that simple!